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We just wanted to follow up with you on our puppy Gia, she is doing great, very smart, loving puppy AND VERY HEALTHY. She loves playing in the snow and burrowing her face in the snow. We are currently attending training classes with her and she is making great progress... Everyone compliments her when we take her places and she is just a love bug!!! Thank you again! Attached are some pictures of her.
Nicole and Mike Russo

Hi Duane,

Just wanted to let you know that we received Babydoll--and yes she is a real babydoll--we just love her! My kids, I have five, (4 of them-as one is away at college), decided to call her Bella. She is so adorable! Thank you,
Debbie McCormick

Just a quick update. Zoey is doing well! She has quickly adjusted! She loves the girls!! When they are around she's done with me! I can tell she was cared for care a lot! I told her yesterday I didn't think she thought she could walk because she wants held all the time. Which is no problem here!! I don't think the girls would ever put her down if I didn't make them! We love this little dog!! Thank you for pre-spoiling her and making her kid friendly!

I'll write something for your webpage and send pics soon! She was outside running yesterday so I got some good pics of her!

Hi Duane, I hope you're doing well!
We wanted to write and thank you again for driving up to give us "Toby" ...
We gave him a new name, Patches, and he truly is a dream come true - we couldn't be happier! Patches is so loveable, so smart - everywhere we go, people stop us because he's just so cute. He already knows to ring the bells we hung on the back door when he has to go outside to do his business ... he loves his crate and will drag his toys in there when he's ready to go to sleep. He knows sit, down, stay, come, leave it, watch me, night night ... and he just graduated from his first puppy class session! He was the ONLY puppy who could follow all the commands, and the trainer was pretty impressed knowing how terriers can be!
He loves his yard, loves to smell all the pretty flowers, hop after the bunnies, and give the chipmunks a run for their money! He gives puppy kisses to everyone he meets. Every night he sits in my lap to be brushed and loves to have his tummy rubbed! He even enjoys his baths - so much that we bought a little kiddie pool for the yard and on hot days he's out there running and playing just like a little kid!
Duane - this boy is just too good to be true and I wish I could put into words how much we love him. We've sent along a few pictures so you could see how Patches is growing. He's up to 24.8 pounds, is much taller than when he first arrived - definitely growing very nicely! He's a good eater ... loves food which is good cuz we do too!
So, know that your little fella is in a good home, is being loved like you can't imagine, and seems to be very happy here with us. We've given so many people your name - everybody wants a pup just like Patches!
We hope the pictures make you smile,
Dina and Diana


Duane Reynold's Kennel was very professional. We received our Wheaten, Bodhi as scheduled and with AKC registry, microchip documentation and health guarantee. We took him to the vet the next day and he was in excellent health and was very responsive to people.

After being disappointed by another breeder days before our expected delivery date, we were so relieved to find such a trustworthy breeder on short notice. We would definitely contact Duane if we ever needed a another addition to our family and will pass on his info to others.

Thanks Duane!!!
Happy Couple NYC
(Tam, Maria, and Bodhi)